1.Bill and Lisa are surveying their classmates about their summer reading. Their questions are given below:Bill: How many books were recommended by the book reading club for summer? Lisa: Which was your favorite book from the book reading club's recommendation?Who wrote a statistical question and why? Bill, because there will be variability in the responses collected Lisa, because there can be only one answer to the question Bill, because every student will give the same answer Lisa, because there can be many answers to the question 2.Tammy did a survey to answer the following question:What is the average reading score of grade 6 students?The mean reading score was 4.5 points. If all the students scored the same, what would be the reading score of each student? 4.5 points Less than 4.5 points Greater than 4.5 points Cannot be determined WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST

Accepted Solution

1) Lisa, because there can be many answers to the question.

2) 4.5 points.