Quadrilateral ABCD is similiar to quadrilateral EFGH. The lengths of the three longest sides in quadrilateral ABCD are 20 feet, 18 feet, and 14 feet long. If the two shortest sides of quadrilateral EFGH are 6 feet long and 5 feet long, how long is the 4th side on quadrilateral ABCD

Accepted Solution

First, let's list the lengths of the sides in descending order.Lengths of sides of quadrilateral ABCD: 20, 18, 14, aLengths of sides of quadrilateral EFGH: b, c, 6, 5From the listings above, we see that he sides measuring 14 and 6 are corresponding.We are looking for c which corresponds to 18.14 is to 6 is as 18 is to c14/6 = 18/c7/3 = 18/c7c = 3 * 187c = 54c = 54/7 = 7 5/7Answer: 7 5/7 feet