We are testing H0: µ ≤ 42; versus HA: µ > 42. When Picture = 45, s = 1.2, and n = 15, at α = .01 we do not reject the null hypothesis. (Assume that the population from which the sample is selected is normally distributed.)TrueFalse

Accepted Solution

Answer:FalseStep-by-step explanation:H0: µ ≤ 42HA: µ > 42S represents the sample standard deviation, then we must use the t-student test. t-statistic formula:  t= (xbar-m)/(S/(sqrt(n)))  xbar: sample meanm: hypothesized value  S: sample standard deviation  n: number of observations  t=(45-42)/(1.2/sqrt(15))  t-statistic= 9.682The critical value from the t-student distribution with, 15-1 degrees of freedom and 1% significance level , is 2.6245Because the t-statistic is greater than the critical value, we must reject the null hypothesis.