What is the rational number equivalent to __3.24?

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]\frac{324}{100}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:Think of a rational number as a fraction. The definition of a rational number is that it is the ratio of integers that, when divided, is either an integer, a decimal that terminates, or a decimal that repeats. 6/3 = 2 (6/3 is a rational number that divides to 2); 1/2 = .5 (1/2 is a rational number that divides to .5 which is a terminating decimal, meaning it ends); 1/3 = .33333333 (1/3 is a rational number that divides to .3333333 which is a repeating decimal). If we want to express 3.24 as a rational number, let's first put it into fraction form. The 4 in .24 is in the hundredths place, so as a fraction, .24 is 24/100. Check this on your calculator. Divide 24 by 100 and you get .24. So now what we have is [tex]3\frac{24}{100}[/tex]Now express that mixed fraction as an improper and you're done. 3 times 100 is 300; 300 + 24 = 324. Put that back over 100 and your rational number is 324/100. Check that on your calculator, as well, just to see that it's true.